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At UVAS global solutions Our solutions help medical practices become more efficient and focus their time providing care while we increase their profitability. Medical Billing -- we aspire to be the best in dispensing superior practice management, consulting and revenue cycle services to our clients. Our focus is to improve our clients bottom line without compromising our ethics and integrity in the name of profit. Our goal is to continuously guide our clients so that they can run a successful practice without any kind of hindrance. We strive to maintain a professional level of personalized and quality services.

The best business decision you can ever make is by placing your Insurance Billing in the hands of professionals who can take care connected with billing, offering services like accurate insurance verification that guarantees the confidence of knowing your claims will be paid. You have the opportunity to run your practice and take care of your patients, while your billing and collections are being professionally handled. Hence, kindly allow us to handle part of your responsibilities, which would surely relieve you of some of your burdens.

Mission: To ensure that the healthcare providers maximize their profits by pioneering improved and low cost back office processes and industry-leading information technology,which enables better focus and more resources to be dedicated towards patient care.
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Our Principles: UVAS Global Solutions renders help to healthcare providers by delivering better care providing back office solutions that improve business, financial, and operational performance. Our firm conviction is that through our unique operating system and by following our guiding principles, we can play a significant role in our clients' financial success and professional satisfaction. These corporate tenets guide and channelize our daily activities, decisions and foci.

Operational Excellence: We will create the new industry standard for operational excellence, efficiency and professionalism. We believe that if you can't measure it, you can't manage it. To set new industry leading performance indicators, we will focus on granular metrics management, continuous innovation, and a steadfast drive for improvement.

Our Team Professionals: We have always been committed to having the most comprehensive training and re-training initiatives in the industry. Our success is driven, motivated and maintained by the organized quality-oriented performance of our team. We always aim to recruit competent people, train, retain, and bring out the best talent and maintain an ambient environment where employees are happy, productive, and financially incentivized to make use of their potentialities to the optimum levels.

Integrity - Our Priority: Our organization always does what is cent percent right for our clients, and we conduct our business and ourselves with utmost integrity. We exist to enable healthcare providers to maximize profits and focus on patient care. This can only be attained if our clients have complete trust in us. UVAS has all along maintained meticulous and conscientious compliance with all HIPAA, privacy, security and other federal and state regulatory compliance requirements.

Continuous Innovation: We have never contented ourselves with how our industry has traditionally been managed or in the successes of the yester years. We will continuously focus on finding innovative ways and means to achieve better returns, extract new efficiencies from the operational value chain, reduce costs, and provide better client service. [ - ]

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